Testing and Analysis

 News     |      2019-01-26
Testing and Analysis
Temperature Rise Analysis and Test
At the design stage, our Engineers use simulation and testing methods to perform temperature rise analysis. The results are used by our engineers to verify and validate the laminated bus bar design parameters. The temperature rise test on laminated bus bar can be performed at WDI's own lab.
Notes: The above stated test is only on Laminated Bus Bar. We recommend our customers to perform tests after the laminated bus bar is installed in their own system. As Laminated bus bars are interacted with other components such as IGBT and Capacitors. The distance between bus bar and other components, the air flow conditions, the temperature rise of other components etc. will also have impact on the temperature rise of laminated bus bar.
Inductance Test
After a prototype is built, our Engineers perform the inductance test, to verify and validate the initial design. This test can be conducted by using high precision test apparatus at JIAYI's lab.
JIAYI's lab is also equipped with other advanced testing instruments and apparatus to provide various electrical and mechanical testing capabilities.